Spring Planting

Well the time has finally come for us to do our spring planting and it’s not a moment too soon. I think we started our plants indoors a week or two earlier than we should have. They’ve gotten quite large in their little peat pellets. Our lasagna gardening that I had mentioned in a previous post doesn’t appear to be working quite as planned. We’ve got weeds poking up in several places. I think that this is mostly due to us not doing it properly more than a problem with the basic premise of the idea. It appears that most of the weeds are simply poking up through gaps in the cardboard. We probably should have overlapped it a bit.

On a better note our peach tree appears to be poised to give us a quite a few peaches this years. Sadly our raspberry crop looks like it will be a bit smaller due to recent construction around the house. Here’s a tip for expanding your yield of raspberries exponentially: If you’ve ever made raspberry jelly then you know that after you are done you have thousands of seeds leftover. Raspberries have a knack for growing pretty easily wherever birds normally deposit the seeds. You however can easily take your seeds and cast them wherever you please.