I’m Back! And On My Cable Connection

This has certainly been the biggest posting gap ever in the history of this blog and I sincerely apologize. My dialup internet connection was almost unusable for the last several weeks and I think somewhere in my sub-concious I just didn’t want to deal with trying to be productive on dialup anymore knowing that highspeed internet was coming.

And the cable internet has finally arrived! I know that many people have issues with Comcast and maybe someday I will have issues as well but for right now I couldn’t be happier with them. They put in a good deal of effort to make me a customer, not the least of which was running a line 1200 ft back our lane. I’ve already had a couple of annoying interactions with their customer service department but I have to say the guys in the construction department were great. They were all quite friendly and able to answer all of my questions, including giving me accurate timeframes for when all of this construction would take place.

I disagree with Comcast’s choosing to limit customer’s bandwidth to 250 gb a month, though I don’t know that it would ever affect me, but I have to keep one thing in mind even if it ever does affect me: Comcast went to a lot of trouble to make me a customer. Whereas Verizon has made absolutely no effort to provide service to any of the houses in our area. I had been on their “future notification” list for more than 4 years now and been told the lie so many times from their customer service people that “they are constantly expanding their network.” Yeah right.