Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Been Doing

Well once again I’ve posted something about musical plans on here only to have those plans dashed aside by real life. I got a new job and I was out of state for a month so no music was accomplished and the new job has me working longer hours so it’s even tougher to get things done.

I’ve really given up attempting to make any firm plans in regards to music anymore. They just never seem to work out. I’ve been working on this album for more than two years now, even since before Watching the Ships came out. At this point I’m considering just shelving the whole project and starting new. I’ve written a lot of new songs that I think reflect who I am now as a person and a musician so much better than songs that are several years old and I also feel like I haven’t been starting anything new because I’ve been hanging onto this idea that that the current album needs finished even though I’m not much closer today than I was a couple months ago. I feel like its holding me back at this point.

But who knows, like I said I’m not making firm plans for anything. Maybe I will finish it after all. There will be new music from me, I just dont know when.