The Cable Man Cometh

I reported a couple weeks ago that Comcast had told me they were coming to install cable finally after years of me being stuck on dialup. Then only to have my hopes dashed for the most part by the installer telling me that the survey must not have actually been done or he wouldn’t have even been out there.

And so I waited for about a week for the construction department to do a survey and they did that on Thursday and said they would call me on Friday with an answer on how much it would cost if anything. For those of you who don’t know, if Comcast has to run a line to your house they will cover the first $1500 of expenses and the rest is up to the customer. Well Friday came and went and they never called. But finally today they did call me back and said that it was under the $1500 and so there wouldn’t be any out of pocket expense.

Now I wait. They have to have a contractor run the line back the farm lane and it could be a month or more until that happens so I am still on skinnyband internet for a little while. But I can be patient. I’ve waited four and a half years for this moment.

In the meantime my dialup connection continues to be almost unusable. I’ve eliminated the software and the phone line as the problem so that just leaves the modem or the ISP. I’m inclined to think it’s the modem but I’m not going to spend money on a new modem when I most likely won’t need it much longer. Dialup modems are getting very hard to find locally anyway which would make returning it harder if it turns out that the problem doesn’t lie with the modem. So if my articles suddenly stop appearing for awhile just assume that my dialup connection finally died and that I will be back online shortly. It’s kind of funny that my dialup is dying just as a far better alternative becomes available.