Finding Your Inner-MacGyver

I admit it, I’m a big fan of MacGyver. I grew up watching the reruns on cable and recently purchased the first two seasons on dvd. I always appreciated his resourcefulness in the face of danger. Well when it comes to self-sufficiency hopefully you can find a little bit of MacGyver inside yourself. Sure you may not be outwitting East Germans or “state of the art” computer systems from the mid-eighties but I’m sure there are plenty of things in your daily life that you could be tackling yourself if you tried.

Just this morning  the metal frame around one of the lenses on my glasses broke. I went to the store and ordered new glasses but I won’t have them for a week. So I decided to try soldering them back together. I’ve never sodered anything in my life but for some reason I have a cheap solder gun and some electrical solder. I was able to successfully put my glasses together with what is at least a temporary fix. This little MacGyverism didn’t save me any money but it did save me some inconvenience.