A Day of Rest

My regular readers know that I always post on a Monday – Wednesday – Friday schedule but unfortunately starting my new job yesterday kind of kept that from happening. So I apologize to anyone who came here yesterday looking for a new article. I don’t anticipate this to be a regular thing. Anyway, on with today’s article…

This past weekend I had to rediscover the old Biblical principle of a day of rest. I tend to plan so much to do on my days off that it feels like I never actually do have a day off. Well last week despite all of my to do list planning, I did absolutely nothing on Thursday. For most of the day it felt great to just relax and spend time with my family for once as opposed to constantly feeling like I had to be getting something done. Sure those thoughts tried to creep in a couple times but I didn’t let it happen. I found myself worrying that because of my day of rest that I wouldn’t get the things accomplished that I needed to in my remaining days off between jobs but something really cool happened. I got up on Friday ready to get work done. I felt refreshed and happy and I couldn’t remember waking up like that anytime recently.

In the end I actually didn’t get everything done that I wanted to during my 4 days off but that was more weather related than anything. I did get to spend a lot of time with family though. We played several games of Pirates, went to a carnival, and spent time with various family members. And then I started my new job yesterday. I have to say it was retail as usual but at the same time slightly overwhelming because I have never worked with pet products before and if you never have worked for a pet retailer you can’t truly appreciate the extensive variety of products that are available for every kind of pet. Once I actually know the job though, I anticipate that my stress level will be much less than at my previous two jobs.

So don’t be afraid of taking a day of rest. If you are like me and forgot the value of them, force yourself to relearn this ancient concept. I know it’s a struggle but put more home related tasks on to the days that you are already working a full day at your job. You’re tired anyway you might as well be more tired. Then when your day off comes you can just soak in all that relaxing goodness.

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