The Housing Crisis

Okay so a whole bunch of homeowners signed mortgages without really looking at the details and now they are finding out that they really can’t afford the payments and they are all losing their houses…I feel bad for their kids and maybe a little bit for them too but really it’s their own fault for not spending within their means.

Thank goodness big government is here to rescue us. The democratic candidates in this presidential election are making all sorts of financial promises pledging billions to this and billions to that and there are millions of people sitting there saying “yeah, that’s great give us lots of money.” Well where is that money coming from?? Obama has pledged $30 billion in aid to homeowners, and people are so dumb not to think about the fact that that money is just coming out of their pockets in the form of taxes anyway. And what about those of us aren’t in this situation? Why are we paying for their financial mistakes? The democrats have already promised to raise taxes and they are gonna need to if they are going to deliver on all of their financial promises. They are essentially buying votes if you think about it.

I don’t normally stray into politics on here but it seemed appropriate.