Wi-Fi Not So Cool

Well I finally received the Spectec SDW-822 wi-fi card for my phone and it’s not as good as I had hoped. Mainly because of the SDW-822’s limited range being that it is only 802.11B standard. I could have gotten the SDW-825 which uses the G wireless standard but that was $90 and a bit more than I was willing to pay for internet on my phone. The reason the range is such an issue is because I had planned on using it on my lunch breaks at work and the company wi-fi doesn’t reach the break room at all (atleast not with a B card).

The other issue is that the card sticks out from the phone about a quarter of an inch, which I knew it would ahead of time but I think I could have looked past that if the card had better range. And the few times I was able to connect to a wireless network I really struggled to find a way that it was going to help my productivity. If I was selling a lot of stuff on ebay then yeah but I’m not doing anything like that.

So hopefully I can return it. And for right now just be without wi-fi on my phone.