The Christmas Gift

I remember a time not too long ago when my wife and I were really struggling financially. Heck we aren’t far better now. At the time though I was beginning to question how we would be able to heat our house through the winter. Bills were piling up and there wasn’t much hope of the situation improving anytime soon. Christmas came and we had to make the tough decision to not buy each other anything for Christmas. The holiday is certainly not all about giving or receiving presents but it’s nice to be able to go spend money on your spouse and surprise them with something and it really stinks when you can’t.

A co-worker of mine at the time was somewhat aware of the situation we were in and a few days before Christmas he gave me a card. Inside of it was $50. He wanted my wife and I to be able to buy each other something for Christmas. Later that day we took the money, split it up, and went shopping for each other. Nothing big or extravagant just small gifts that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. There’s something so much more special about being able to give someone a gift after you’ve already resigned yourself to the idea that you won’t be able to. The gifts you receive in those circumstances are all the more precious as well.

That friend of mine may never know just how much he changed Christmas for us that year. I pray that God will multiply to him and his family the blessing that he gave us on Christmas. And to everyone who reads this article, may you be blessed richly and joy be upon you.

Merry Christmas.