People Just Like Beetles

My very first online video The Japanese Beetle Trap has surpassed 5,000 views on YouTube. I know that there are plenty of videos that get views into the millions but I’ll settle for 5,000 and counting for a low quality video about japanese beetles, it’s definitely a niche topic.

My two other more recent videos appear to have gotten lost somewhere in the bowels of YouTube however. A Valentine Song from back in February still has less than 20 views and Josh the Chicken only has 10 views. I don’t do enough in the field of online video to understand why one video gets lots of views and others never receive any. One thing I have noticed is that YouTube now pushes paying them to promote your video on their site. So that could explain why more recent videos seem to get lost if there’s nothing external to YouTube driving a lot traffic to the video. 


You can view all of my videos on the Videos page.