National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month. Maybe November 12th is a bit late in the month to be mentioning it, but this article kind of got preempted by all the political news last week.

National Novel Writing Month is when writers all across the country attempt to write an entire novel in one month. It’s an admirable goal and one that I don’t intend to achieve. I am however going to put a renewed focus on the novel that I am currently writing. That means that there will likely be a few less articles on I’m Not A Rat this month. I love writing on this website but the reality is that it sometimes cuts into my creative writing a bit much. I have a certain goal in mind for how much I would like to have finished on the novel by January and if I’m going to achieve it then I need to shift some of my writing time around to put a little more emphasis on fiction instead of non-fiction.

I hope you, my loyal readers, understand and cheer me on in this endeavor. I’ve got some great articles coming up, they’re just going to be a bit more spaced out.