Netflix for Books?

The other day I came across BookSwim, a website that rents books like Netflix rents movies: through the mail. The service works essentially the same way allowing users to select from a few different plan choices that determine the amount of books that can be rented at one time. The customer then chooses books from thousands of choices and Book Swim mails them out with a return envelope, giving the customer free shipping both ways.

For someone like me that likes to read small chunks of books over a long period of time to really be able to mentally digest all that is within the pages, perhaps Book Swim is not a good choice. But for my wife, who can read a novel in a few hours, BookSwim has got to be the coolest thing since the public library. I think public libraries are great by the way but one thing they lack in is a steady supply of new release fiction for the avid reader. That’s where BookSwim comes in, with new releases added weekly there is always something new for the reader in your family.

And speaking of family, there is another aspect of BookSwim that I appreciate: Children’s books. If you’ve got children you know how they will ask you to read the same books over and over again, much in the same way that they like to watch the same movies over and over again. Just like Netflix gave parents a glimmer of their sanity back by giving plenty of movie choices for kids, that’s what BookSwim does with books. There is very large selection of children’s books to choose from ranging anywhere from toddler age up through grade school and young adult. There are only so many times a father can read The Color Kittens to his son and keep his sanity. And once your kids are old enough to read on their own, there is nothing like a steady supply of new books available to keep them interested in reading.

I highly recommend trying out BookSwim. Join Bookswim today and read to your hearts content.