Make U-Turns as Necessary

I recently wrote an article titled Seeing Your Goals Through to Completion. It was about sticking with something when the going gets tough. It was about not quitting part way through. Well today I was thinking about the flip side of that idea. And that is to quit what you’re doing and head the other direction. In politics this is often referred to as a flip flop whenever a candidate changes their position on something. But for real people like you and I (and by real I mean people in touch with reality), these u-turns often have nothing to do with flip flopping. Nope sometimes it’s just a change of heart or a change in priorities.

I firmly believe in striving to see something through to completion but sometimes that’s just not the right choice. It would be pretty devastating to pursue something for years only to look back and realize that it was a lot of wasted effort on an idea that was flawed from the start.

This same idea can apply to spiritual beliefs as well. I once heard someone say, “If what you believe isn’t true, would you want to know?” The idea here is that people often build their lives around religious structures and dogmas passed down to them by their parents but if the individual is one that is actually in pursuit of a relationship with God then eventually they will start to dig deeper to go beyond what they’ve always been taught to really make their beliefs there own. What they find on that journey can shatter their entire perception of what they thought the world was.

More at a personal level, I still often struggle with knowing when to turn and run and when to stay the course. If discerning what path to take ever gets easier it certainly hasn’t for me yet. Over the past several years I have erred on both sides of this issue: I’ve stuck with some things too long and killed other ideas that had true merit. It’s not often easy to be completely sure what path will lead you to success and which to failure. Trust your instincts, rely on trusted friends for advice, seek wisdom beyond your circle of friends and yourself, and hope for the best. Make u-turns with your life as necessary and enjoy the ride in spite of the occasional bumps and pot holes.