Month: December 2009

Last Minute Christmas Thoughts

So this year I asked for a deep fryer for Christmas because ours broke earlier this year and I’ve been missing out on fried foods ever since. I can only hope that if someone gets me one that they choose one from the Best Deep Fryer Reviews top ten list, because those ones sure look nice.

Many people this year are looking for ways to spend a little less at Christmas and one way to do that is with Printable Christmas games. They are cheap and can add some great entertainment to your family gatherings this year.

Christmas Song Airplay

Now through December 27th my Christmas song “Can’t Wait For Christmas” is on the radio playlist at Check it out, there are plenty of cool songs on the radio and it’s a really neat site in general for independent Christian music.

New Christmas Song

I just posted a new Christmas song to MySpace and Purevolume. It’s titled “Can’t Wait for Christmas.” I hope you guys enjoy it and in case I forget to say it later, Merry Christmas!

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