Month: November 2008

Black Friday

We are just a week away from the most greed filled day of the year. I am talking about Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the commercially innocent holidays remaining of the major holidays. That status is being stripped away though by more and more retail stores choosing to open on Thanksgiving instead of waiting until Friday to kick off their sales.

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday, most years it is because I have been working and a couple years it’s simply because I’ve got no money. As someone who has worked inside of a store during this madness I can say that it is generally a display of the worst of humanity. People pushing, and yelling, and bursting with anger if they don’t get their hands on lots of junk that they don’t need anyway. A lot of them are the types that you see every year, buying the same type of junk, and also throughout the year whenever sales are good enough. These are the ones that aren’t buying for themselves or as gifts for anyone, they are simply reselling. And they are usually the rudest ones.

If I could give just one piece of advice to those who are thinking of venturing out on Black Friday it would be this: Don’t. Do you actually need the things you plan to buy or are the low prices driving greed somewhere within you? Those low prices aren’t worth dealing with the traffic, the crowds, the stress, and more often in recent years the violence that accompanies this day.

I have a friend that has worked at Wal-Mart for a number of years. She told me that every year on Black Friday she comes home with bruises all over her from greed driven customers trying to get to whatever generic electronics item is on sale that year. Black Friday is definitely a dark day in America. Once again this year, I will be working that day. Fortunately though the company I currently work for doesn’t deal with this kind of insanity.

National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month. Maybe November 12th is a bit late in the month to be mentioning it, but this article kind of got preempted by all the political news last week.

National Novel Writing Month is when writers all across the country attempt to write an entire novel in one month. It’s an admirable goal and one that I don’t intend to achieve. I am however going to put a renewed focus on the novel that I am currently writing. That means that there will likely be a few less articles on I’m Not A Rat this month. I love writing on this website but the reality is that it sometimes cuts into my creative writing a bit much. I have a certain goal in mind for how much I would like to have finished on the novel by January and if I’m going to achieve it then I need to shift some of my writing time around to put a little more emphasis on fiction instead of non-fiction.

I hope you, my loyal readers, understand and cheer me on in this endeavor. I’ve got some great articles coming up, they’re just going to be a bit more spaced out.