Month: January 2008

A New Job

Well it really doesn’t have too much to do with my pursuit of self-employment but I got a new job. Finally after 5 and a half years of working for a soul sucking employer, I have found a new better paying job. But along with better pay comes working more hours. Working more hours could definitely hinder my self-employed pursuits but making more money helps me take care of my family better which is what is important right now. And making more money can also aid in funding self-employed pursuits like my music. I start on Monday so it’s gonna be a new adventure.

Of Fingers and Failing Computers

So I couldn’t play guitar for a month or so because of smashing a finger on my left hand. Now that that finger is mostly healed I ran into another major roadblock to getting my music done. A couple weeks ago I experienced a major computer failure on my studio computer. I ended up having to replace the computer with a new one and I’ve almost got the new one completely setup with all of my audio software. Unfortunately all of my song files are still on a hard drive that I haven’t been able to access yet.

Sometimes I wonder what purpose God has behind all these roadblocks that I’ve been facing over the past year in regards to my music. How do you know when to push ahead or change directions entirely?

Once I have my song files back I’ll be releasing a couple new songs that I hope you enjoy.